The guided journey can be done sitting up in chairs we will provide or it can be done lying down, whichever your prefer. Please wear layers of comfortable loose fitting clothing and socks. If you want to sit or lie down on the floor during the journey then please bring a yoga mat or large towel to lie down/sit on, a cushion for sitting, a light weight throw or wrap for covering up with, and a scarf or eye pillow  a pen, and a journal or notebook. 

OPTIONAL: if you have a small sacred object, a small stone or crystal, and/or a drum or rattle you like to play and you would like to bring them then you are welcome to do so...these items are optional however.

WHAT'S PROVIDED: Water and Tea will be provided during the break period. We will provide chairs for those not wishing to lie down on the floor, and we will try to have extras of the items listed above in case you forget something. 

Event Registration:

In addition to the Sound Healing Energy Clearing this special evening event will include a facilitated Inner Soul Journey experience custom designed and written by Ana Jones, inspired by her training and decades of expertise in shamanic journeying work. Ana's customized "Creation Journey" will be guide you to align The Goddess Within You (your sacred feminine inner creative energy) with The Universal Divine Feminine's Presence & Power in order to heal yourself and manifest your life's dreams and intentions. This inner 'Creation Journey' will also provide for you an opportunity to deeply relax and connect with your spiritual guides & guardians for their healing help and support. 

As an empowered co-creator you can cocreate the life you love & a world of peace, prosperity and harmony for all. 

NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! This customized shamanic soul journey is based on ancient shamanic journey practices that have been adapted for modern day beginners. The journeyer will be guided through visualization with live sacred drumming. Similar to a combination of meditation and lucid dreaming, only done in a waking state, the journeyer remains consciously in control of the journey at all times while receiving Divine guidance. Be sure to check the list of things to bring below.

Wednesday August 31, 2022 
Time: 7:00-9:30 pm

Facilitated by:  Rev. Ana Jones
Internationally Renowned Interfaith Minister, Modern Mystic, 
Energy Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Held at Musea : Center for Intentional Creativity
75 Fremont Drive, Sonoma, CA

In addition to inspiring artwork creating sacred space for this journey, there will also be a crystal healing grid of Selenite, Quartz, Amethyst, & Rose Quartz set up by Ana in advance. 


This very special evening features Teachings, Sacred Sound Work, and a Guided Inner Soul Journey for Healing Your Sacred Wound & Embracing The Creative Power of The Sacred Feminine Within You

This event will include:

* Sound Healing for Energy Clearing with Drumming & Crystals Bowls as well as Ana's Beautiful Chanting & Singing of powerful Sacred Chants 
and Spiritual Songs  

* Teaching about The Sacred Wound Within and How to Heal Yourself through Connecting with & Embracing The Principle Energies, Power, & Presence of The Sacred Feminine 

* IN ADDITION, you will be led in a 
Guided Inner Soul Journey called a 'Creation Soul Journey' 
to specifically align The Goddess Within You (your inner creative power) with 
The Universal Divine Feminine Creative Power
in order to heal yourself and manifest your life's dreams, goals, and intentions.

Women and Men of All Ages & Backgrounds Are Welcome!
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(Payment is 100% refundable through August 30, 2022 and non-refundable thereafter. Your registration can be transferred to another person.)
REV. ANA JONES AT:  707-285-7799
Your Event Leader: Master Healer & Teacher, Ana Jones
Since 1987, Ana Jones has been facilitating many different Healing Events, Workshops, Retreats, and Ceremonies, for groups large and small at various locations and sacred sites around the world. Ana is delighted to spend this special evening in person at Musea within the sacred energy of the San Francisco North Bay Area.
Ana Jones is an internationally known Interfaith Minister, Reiki Master-Teacher, and life-long Clairvoyant Medium. Ana has been developing her expertise in the fields of Holistic Energy Medicine, Intuition, and Spirituality for over 35+ years. She is a multi-gifted modern mystic who has served for many, as a teacher of the teachers and healer of the healers and her peers know her professionally as an insightful visionary and eloquent luminary for holistic living and spiritual enlightenment.

Ana is the author of ‘The Teachings of Archangel Michael: A Handbook for Humanity.' In addition, she is the recording artist of numerous audios (CD’s and mp3's) of lectures, classes, workshops, journeys and meditations she has recorded live and in studio. She also hosts The Celestial Voice podcast available on iTunes. Recently Rev. Jones was featured as one of the guest speakers the in global online Mystics Summit 2022 sponsored by The Shift Network.

Ana's greatest outreach is through her work on social media where she hosts several pages including her wildly popular facebook page entitled 'Archangel Michael & The Legion of Light' where her inspirational posts reach half of a million people weekly.

Ana is the owner and Director of Questing Spirit LLC. She is an extroverted intuitive feeler and nature enthusiast who enjoys visiting power places, swimming, hiking coastal and redwood trails, all while keeping her inner child joyful and playful.

​Learn More at: www.AnaJonesOnline.com

Embracing The Goddess Within

Guided Inner Soul Journey & Sound Healing 
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